15 facts about me

I memorise song lyrics at a ridiculous speed. I also happen to know all the lyrics to any songs you’ll find on my playlists. Assassins Creed Revelations is my favourite video game ever. Sims is a very close second. I have random one man dance parties in the middle of the night. I’m on the … More 15 facts about me

My London

A couple of months ago, I was in London, a place I have been in love with since I was 14. I took many pictures but never actually put them up. It wasn’t much of an eventful trip (except for the night I ended up in Chelmsford), I spent most of my time walking around, exploring … More My London

No Make-Up March

Okay, those of us who love make up will be wondering is this woman insane? I have good reason. I promise. I have always had sensitive skin, even before I began getting pimples and all, I was allergic to anything that had perfumes in it. No nice smelling lotions, soaps or cremes because they would … More No Make-Up March

January Changes

It’s now 16:23 as I start to write this, I am lying in bed wondering why I have a flu, YET AGAIN. However, this rare opportunity for me to stay in bed 24/7 has presented itself and I am going to make the most of it. The month is almost over, 2016 is well underway … More January Changes


Whilst writing my personal statement, I wrote about catharsis. This blog was started to let me have a creative outlet because once I left high school I felt as creative as a stone. However, being me, I have suffered a 2 year writers block. Whenever I want to write, it never comes out the way I … More Catharsis


To whom it may concern, I cannot sleep. It’s the middle of November so I’m obviously being kept awake by the awful wind going on outside and occasional outbursts of rain. Anyhow… For months I have done this, that and the other and just neglected to write about it because let’s face it, I’m a … More 03:47

To My Girls,

A year. Can you believe 365 days have passed and I’ve only seen one of you? WHICH BTW. If it wouldn’t have landed me in jail, Debra, I would have kidnapped you. So much has happened, so much for you too that I don’t even know about! Everyday something happens, or I see something that … More To My Girls,